Free day

Visit of Devín Castle

On your free day it will be our pleasure to take you to the nearby castle Devin, by boatand back by the tourist train. Devin Castle is located just at the Slovak-Austrian borderon the Danube river. It has its museum and you can take a lovely walk around the ruinsclose to the river with view of the other border, which is already Austrian part.

The Castle itself has a long history. The site at the confluence of the river Danube and the river Morava was se led in prehistoric mes. Following the Cel c period, Devín became part of the Limes Romanus, the system of defences from the 1st to the 4th centuries. In the 9th century, this place is associated with the name of prince Ras slav who commissioned a massive Great-Moravian stronghold here. In the 13th century, the royal fron er stronghold was constructed in the upper castle and further buildingworks took place over the 15th – 17th centuries when the castle passed through thehands of several owners. In 1809, the castle was destroyed by Napoleon’s troops.

Transfer: Parcipiant will be divided in two groups. The first group will take Bratislava road-trains to the parkplace under the Castle, the second group will move to the port and board an excursion rivership to the Castle. When returning the two groups will change the means of transport.

More information: such the meeting point and departure me will be provided to you by the organization team.